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Broke Down, In Need of Help?

If it hasn’t happened to already it will someday. Automotive breakdowns are inevitable. We see it nearly every day while commuting or heading to the grocery store: a car on the side of the road and its driver with a look of grave frustration on his or her face. At Sansone Automotive we’ve partnered with Walker Towing to reduce frustration and get back on the road quickly, smoothly, and with a perfectly running vehicle.

Towing With Walker and Sansone

But how does the towing process work? First, when your car breaks down give Walker Towing a call at 702-565-6220. They’ll come to you as fast as humanly possible. A member of their staff will tow your vehicle to our shop. After that we’ll put you in a free rental car for the day and offer discounts on any repairs your car might need. For repairs costing over $100 you’ll receive $15 off. For repairs over $200 it’ll be $25. And for repairs over $300 we offer $35 off.

Our Towing Partner

Walker Towing is dedicated to ensuring you’re not stuck in the heat, cold, or out in the middle of nowhere. They’ve been towing in the Law Vegas area for over three decades. We’ve partnered up with them to offer our current clients a great service while also to meet new ones. For towing call Walker. For repairs call Sansone Automotive.