Always Schedule Auto Service Prior to Traveling in Henderson

Auto Service henderson Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, it’s important to schedule all necessary auto service prior to departing Henderson. Keeping up with routine maintenance decreases the chance you’ll experience issues on the road, which can save you significant time and money. Make sure you stop by your local auto repair center for these important services.

Battery Voltage Test

Start by having a certified auto technician test the voltage of your vehicle’s battery. This is particularly important during the winter, when car batteries are more likely to die. That’s the last thing you want to deal with while traveling. If your battery does die while on the road, your car or truck will lose power completely and you’ll have to hire a tow truck for assistance.

Fluids Check/Change

Most drivers know it’s important to schedule oil changes before traveling a long distance, but there are several other fluids that require attention as well. Pre-travel auto service should include checking the oil, as well as transmission, brake, anti-freeze and windshield cleaning fluids. If low, all of these should be topped off before hitting the road.

Tire Rotation

Because tires wear unevenly, you’ll need to schedule tire rotations periodically. Always ask auto service technicians to check your tread as well and purchase new tires as necessary. 

Don’t Forget to Schedule Auto Service before Your Trip!

You can count on the certified technicians at Sansone’s Automotive for all your auto service needs in Henderson. Whether you’re traveling 10 miles or 500, we’ll ensure your car or truck is ready for the journey. Contact us today to schedule an oil change or tire rotation. We can also assist with AC service, brake repair and engine repair.

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Posted on January 13, 2021 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business