Understanding Engine Auto Maintenance & Repair Warning in Henderson

Auto Maintenance & Repair Warning hendersonWhen your check engine light activates in Henderson, it’s important to understand what the auto maintenance & repair warning light means. There are many different reasons this warning may be present; some minor, others more severe. While an auto technician can identify the specific trouble, some of the most common issues include: 

Spark Plug Malfunction 

One of the most common causes of engine light activation is a malfunctioning spark plug. Leaving this issue unattended for too long can cause your vehicle to perform poorly and, if left unattended too long, can result in the need for some extensive auto maintenance and repair.

Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Issue

It’s also possible there’s a problem with your vehicle’s mass air flow (MAF) sensor. This sensor is responsible for determining your car or truck’s fuel-to-oxygen ratio. When it’s knocked loose or gets too dirty, it can cause the engine repair warning light to activate.

Gas Cap Missing or Damaged

Sometimes the issue is super simple and doesn’t actually require auto maintenance or repair at all. In fact, it can be as simple as a loose gas cap. Missing or damaged gas caps are actually common culprits.

Auto Maintenance & Repair Warning Help in Henderson

If your check engine warning light has recently activated, don’t wait to contact Sansone’s Automotive in Henderson. We can run diagnostics to determine what’s wrong with your vehicle and perform the necessary auto maintenance and repair. Our technicians are also ready to assist with any other service needs, including oil changes, tire replacements, wheel alignments, AC checks and brake repairs. Whatever your situation, contact us to make an appointment for your vehicle.

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