Everything You Need to Know About High Mileage Oil Changes Near Paradise

Sansone's Automotive Paradise high mileage oil changesHow old is your car? And how many miles have you logged on the vehicle? These two questions are of paramount importance when it comes to oil changes. If your car is getting up in age, you likely want to do all you possibly can to extend its lifespan. Learn more about high mileage oil changes, which are one way to do so.

High Mileage vs. Regular Oil Changes

The main difference between these two types of oil changes is the substances contained in high mileage oil. High mileage oil repairs existing issues while providing enhanced performance support to other areas of your vehicle. The seal conditioner is especially important in this process. It’s what keeps your seals together, preventing oil leaks and other problems.

Benefits to Your Engine

By fixing the seals in your car, high mileage oil helps reduce wasted oil consumption. Its thicker formula also helps protect your car from future damage, in addition to breaking down any accumulated buildup inside the engine. In the long run, your engine will thank you!

When to Consider High Mileage Oil Changes

Automotive experts recommend that any cars with more than 75,000 miles and/or manufactured before 1990 be considered for high mileage oil changes. As long as you’ve kept up with regular oil changes, the transition should be quite easy, albeit a tad more expensive. A bit of extra cash in the short term can save you big in the long term.

For All Your High Mileage Oil Change Needs Near Paradise

If you believe your car is a candidate for high mileage oil changes, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Sansone’s Automotive. Our wide array of service offerings range from brake repair to engine repair, and our tire expertise means you’re in good hands. Reach out to our team by contacting us today!

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