When to Get Tire Service in Las Vegas

Sansone's Automotive Las Vegas tire serviceKeeping your vehicle’s tires well maintained and properly aligned is the key to making them last a long time. Just like any other part of your car, your tires need periodic service in order to stay in good working condition. Knowing when to bring your car in for tire service helps you stay safe when on the road.  

Tires Look Wider Than Normal

If you notice that your tires look wider than usual, this could be a sign they need more air. With use, tires will lose air pressure and this could be dangerous. Not only that, but underinflated tires also wear unevenly and more quickly than tires maintained at the proper PSI. 

Treads Are Worn

The tread on your tires grips the road and is very important for safety and control in rainy and dry conditions. Over time, the tread starts to wear down and the tires begin to go bald. This causes hydroplaning and longer stopping times. Check the treads and if they are no longer deep, bring your vehicle in and have the tires inspected by a professional

Handling Changes 

Any time the feel of your car changes, you may need tire service. A damaged or punctured tire will severely affect the way the car handles and could be dangerous. There could be several reasons for the changes you experience, such as engine problems or transmission concerns. An expert mechanic may determine the cause. 

Need Tire Service in Las Vegas?

If your vehicle needs tires, regular auto maintenance or repair services, Sansone’s Automotive is here to help. Our ASE-certified auto technicians can diagnose and repair any of your vehicle’s tire needs. We also offer engine repair and service as well as regular maintenance like oil and fluid changes, wheel alignment, catalytic converter theft protection, transmission service and AC service. When you are in need of tire service, contact us for a convenient appointment with one of our tire experts. 

Professional Tire Service in Las Vegas 

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