Always Schedule Auto Service Prior to Traveling in Henderson

Auto Service hendersonWhether you’re commuting for business or pleasure, it’s essential to make an appointment for auto service right before leaving Henderson. Keeping up with regular maintenance lessens the odds you’ll experience unexpected and abrupt problems while on the road. A breakdown can lead to significant delays in your travel plans, not to mention it can be quite expensive. The following are services we recommend if you plan on a long road trip.

Battery Voltage Test

Begin by having a certified auto mechanic perform a voltage check on the battery. This is especially important in the peak of winter. The cold weather causes molecular changes inside the battery’s cell. A dead battery will bring the car to a halt completely, and you’ll have to call a tow truck.

Fluids Check/Change

Most motorists understand the importance of oil changes before driving a long distance, but there are other fluids that also need your attention. Pre-travel vehicle maintenance should include a look at the motor oil, brake, transmission, and washer fluids. These need to be topped off if levels are below the recommended fill line.

Tire Rotation

Since tires seldom wear at an even rate, you should schedule rotations at regular intervals. Have the technician perform a tread check. Be ready to purchase new tires, which the technician may recommend if the treads are beyond worn. Inspections also include wheel alignment to ensure wheels are aligned.

Schedule Auto Service Before Your Trip in or Out of Henderson

Entrust the important pre-trip maintenance to the crew at Sansone’s Automotive. Long road trips are taxing on any vehicle. It’s essential that your vehicle is up to the task. An inspection includes a look into all the vital components, from the brakes to the transmission

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