Signs Your Car Needs Air Conditioning Repair in Henderson

Sansone's Automotive Henderson air conditioning repairSummer isn’t far off. This is the time of year to start really paying attention to your vehicle’s AC function. Driving in the summer without an optimally functioning air conditioner can make commuting quite an unpleasant experience. Here are the signs that indicate you may need auto air conditioning repair in Henderson.

Intermittent Cooling

One of the clearest signs you need AC repair is that the system isn’t producing consistent cool air. If it’s only cooling the interior sometimes, or if it’s taking longer than usual to cool the cabin, then something within the AC is operating less than optimal. A healthy AC system shouldn’t take more than several seconds to bring the car interior’s temperatures down.

Strange Smells

When you switch on your vehicle’s AC, you shouldn’t smell anything unusual from the vents. If you do, this is an indicator that there’s a problem. Often, unusual smells stem from mold and dusty air filters. These issues are fairly easy to address.


If you see a liquid puddle, this is another symptom your vehicle is in need of AC repair. This may point to a leaky hose or a worn condenser. You should address this right away to prevent the issue from exacerbating and leading to more expensive repairs down the line.

Need Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Henderson?

Since summer is just around the corner, it’s worth looking into auto air conditioner repair in Henderson, especially if the AC is functioning erratically. Schedule an appointment with Sansone’s Automotive to get the system looked at. We can inspect the component as part of a bigger tune-up that also includes brake repair and oil changes. Be sure your vehicle is ready for the upcoming hot weather.

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Posted on April 10, 2023 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business