Common Vehicle AC Issues Near Las Vegas

Sansone's Automotive Las Vegas vehicle AC issuesThe air conditioning in your automobile is a sophisticated system and requires a lot of attention to function optimally. If the system isn’t as efficient as it once was, this may be due to several reasons. Identifying the common vehicle AC issues near Las Vegas will help you pinpoint the cause. This is something an AC repair technician can assist you with.

Leaking Refrigerant

Car ACs create cool air through the use of refrigerant. It works the same way refrigerant is used to cool a refrigerator. If there’s a leak, there’s less fluid available to perform the job. The result is air that doesn’t efficiently cool the cabin interior.

Broken Condenser  

Car air conditioners have a condenser that keeps the refrigerant cool after the fluid accrues heat. Time can cause this part to wear, causing the refrigerant to stay warm. As a result, the air circulation in the cabin may feel hot and stuffy.

Faulty Cooling Fans

Cooling fans transport cool air via the vents and lower the refrigerant’s temperature. The fan uses electric controls. If there’s an electronic malfunction or a blown fuse, the AC could cease to function altogether. faulty cooling fans are one of the primary causes of inefficient AC function.

Are Vehicle AC Issues Keeping You From Driving Comfortably Near Las Vegas?

If your car exhibits problems, schedule an appointment with Sansone’s Automotive. We can detect common vehicle AC issues like the ones described above. We often perform AC maintenance as part of comprehensive maintenance that also includes fluid changes and transmission servicing. In any case, if you’re planning a summer road trip, we ensure your vehicle is ready for the lengthy commute and high temperatures. 

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