Signs You Need Auto AC Repair Near Summerlin

auto AC repair near SummerlinSummer is here, and the heat near Summerlin has been unrelenting. If you drive during this season, your vehicle air conditioning system is your saving grace; otherwise, you’re commuting in sweltering conditions. However, if your AC is compromised, it may be unable to perform optimally. Learn to recognize the signs you need auto AC repair.

1. Lack of Airflow

You may notice the air emitting from the vent feels insufficient. Low airflow may be due to a number of causes, such as a faulty ventilation fan, a loose blower hose, or mold growth in the evaporator core.

2. Warm Air

Air from the AC should have a cooling effect. There’s a clear issue if the air feels lukewarm and stuffy even with the AC on full blast. The problem may stem from low/leaking refrigerant, a bad condenser, or a worn blower motor to list a few. This warrants AC repair from a professional right away.

3. Cool to Warm Air

Some car owners report the air starting cool and operating normally, then the air gradually warms up. This can especially be frustrating for longer commutes. The reason may be due to several factors, such as a worn compressor clutch, a clogged expansion valve, or a blown fuse.

4. Odd Sounds

When the AC is in operation, you may hear a rattling-like noise. This may stem from debris in the fan or the fan may be broken entirely. It’s also possible you have a faulty condenser.

Need Auto AC Repair Near Summerlin?

Prioritize Auto AC Repair if you reside in or near Summerlin. Apart from AC maintenance, we can also handle other summer tune-ups, such as brake inspections and transmission exams. Leave it to Sansone Automotive to handle your car AC needs.

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