The Importance of European Car Servicing in Henderson

European car servicing in Henderson Do you own a car from a European manufacturer? This may be a luxury brand like BMW, Range Rover, VW, MINI, or Audi. Whichever brand and model you own, you must schedule routine maintenance. However, not all auto service centers are equipped or have experience working with European models. Learn why it’s essential that the shop is versed in European car servicing.

Experienced Technicians

Not all engines and transmissions are the same. Most Europan models, in fact, utilize engines and transmissions that are significantly more different than their American and Japanese counterparts. A general mechanic may not have experience servicing European-made engines and other components under the hood. As a consequence, the workmanship may not be up to standards.

Honor the Warranty

If your vehicle is still fairly new, then the manufacturer’s warranty may still be in effect. It may also be the case that you have an extended warranty. Either way, carefully read the terms and conditions. Some warranty clauses stipulate that car owners must keep up with scheduled maintenance, or else the warranty will be rendered void.

Diesel Engine Upkeep

Diesel engines are much more popular in the European car market. 50% of European-made cars have a diesel engine. This engine type often has different components, such as a turbocharger and more heavy-duty internal parts. Not all auto repair centers are adept at servicing diesel engines.

Need European Car Servicing in Henderson?

We can’t stress the importance of European car service if you own a European vehicle in Henderson. At Sansone’s Automotive, our team has the hands-on experience and equipment to work with European-specific parts and components. Leave it to us to service your luxury European car and keep it in factory-performance condition.

European Car Servicing in Henderson

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Posted on August 10, 2023 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business