Dependable Automotive A/C Service and Repair in Henderson

Top-notch automotive A/C service and repair | Sansone’s auto mechanics Nevada in the summertime is NOT the place to be without air conditioning in your car or truck! Sansone’s Automotive in Henderson has offered expert automotive A/C service and repair since 1993. Locally owned and operated by a team of highly trained, experienced and ASE-certified automotive mechanics, we can quickly get your vehicle back to nice and cool so you can drive in comfort. And it’s often just a simple and affordable fix, such as a refrigerant recharge or replacement of a broken or worn A/C pump drive belt.

Common Automotive A/C System Problems

The components of your heating and A/C system wear over time, so knowing the signs of a need for service or repair is important when living and driving in desert conditions.

  • Blowing air is only slightly cooler than exterior air
  • Air has a damp, musty or moldy smell
  • Vehicle cabin doesn’t warm up well in cold weather
  • Defroster doesn’t operate or takes a long time to work
  • A/C and heat work when driving at speed, but not while idling
  • A/C blows hot air or heat blows cold air
  • Low airflow from air vents

Automotive A/C Service and Repair Experts

If you’re experiencing problems with your car or truck’s air conditioning system, let the pros at Sansone’s Automotive take a closer look. Our A/C service includes:

  • Measurement of interior cooling vent temperature
  • Inspection of internal A/C controls and blower
  • Inspection of refrigerant hoses and compressor belt
  • Inspection of condenser and seals for leaks or damage
  • Cooling system pressure test

Other Services a Woman Can Trust

Expert automotive A/C service and repair in Henderson, Summerlin & Las Vegas In addition to expert A/C service and repair, our ASE-certified auto mechanic team has the knowledge, skill and equipment to handle all your wheel alignment, brake repair, engine repair, fluid changes, transmission repair and tire repair needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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