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Locally owned and operated, Sansone’s Automotive in Henderson offers superior automotive brake repair and service performed by highly trained and experienced team of ASE-certified auto mechanics. Our team goes above and beyond to provide superior workmanship and unbeatable customer service. Whatever your automotive service or repair need, we work quickly and efficiently to meet it affordably and correctly – guaranteed.

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You really don’t want to take chances with your vehicle’s braking system. Knowing the signs of potential trouble can ensure you schedule the service you need before dangerous condition develops. The trained professionals at Sansone’s Automotive perform all facets of brake repair. Trust us to maintain the stopping power of your car or truck.

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  • If your brakes make a squealing or loud metal-on-metal grinding sound when you brake, you likely have worn-out brake pads. The longer this condition exists, the less safe your vehicle is to drive and the more expensive it will be to repair. The squealing sound is a warning that pads must be replaced before brake damage or failure occurs.
  • If you feel uneven braking or your car sliding forward when you try to stop, you may have a problem with your brake calipers. The caliper housing on your brake pads fit around your brake rotor like the hand-operated brake pad clamp around a bicycle wheel. When you brake, the pads clamp against the rotor to slow or stop the wheels from turning, but calipers can become damaged or worn-out.
  • Squealing and/or wobbling or vibrating during braking can be due to an issue with your vehicle’s wheel rotors. A professional should inspect the brake system to see whether rotor resurfacing or replacement is necessary.
  • Pressing your brake pedal to the floor without stopping the vehicle is scary and dangerous. If you have to pump your brakes to build enough pressure to stop, you may have a bake fluid leak. Get the problem checked right away!

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)

If your ABS light comes on, you could have a serious brake system problem. The Anti-lock Brake System in your car makes sure your wheels don’t stop rotating while you brake. This allows you to still be able to steer when aggressively braking instead of locking your wheels and skidding, which provides no steering control. We can diagnose and fix the problem when that warning light comes on.

Brake Fluid Flush

A brake fluid flush can help keep your brakes working effectively. Brake fluid can absorb water over time which can cause significant damage to your system and lower stopping power. If brakes feel spongy, a cracked or damaged hydraulic brake line may be allowing air into the system, also significantly lowering stopping power.

Brake Lines/Hoses

Brake lines/hoses carry pressurized brake fluid from the brake pedal’s master cylinder to the brake calipers that squeeze your brake pads around your wheel rotors when braking. When the hose is crushed or cracked or broken, your bakes can lag or fail completely. Periodic checks for cracking or excess wear and tear are recommended.

Other Services

Expert Brake Repair serving Henderson, Las Vegas & Green ValleyIn addition to superior brake repair, our highly-trained technicians offer a wide variety of other automotive service and repair including A/C service, wheel alignment, engine repair, fluid changes, transmission repair, tire service and more. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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