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Affordable engine repair and service in Henderson, Las Vegas & Green Valley | Sansone’s Automotive MechanicsLocally owned and operated Sansone’s Automotive in Henderson offers expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care on every engine repair and service we perform. Employing only the best and most experienced ASE-certified automotive technicians in the area, our team can quickly and efficiently address any service or repair need you may have. When your check engine light turns on, give us a call!

Modern Engine Repair and Service Requires High Expertise

Modern automotive engines are sophisticated and complicated, so modern automotive mechanics must be part computer technician, part engineer, and equipped with up-to-date training, diagnostic equipment and tools. The pros at Sansone’s Automotive have the training, expertise and equipment to perform any domestic or Asian automotive engine repair, and can help you keep your engine running smoothly and at top efficiency so the need for repair is less likely.

Avoid Repair with Routine Engine Maintenance

Check and Replace Engine Coolant

The coolant in your engine keeps moving parts operating at the right temperature. If the engine overheats, serious problems may follow. The coolant level can decline over time and/or become dirty and less effective, and our pros can inspect your system decide if you need a coolant flush or just have more added.

Change Filters

An engine is like a human body in that it works best when it’s clean inside and breathes clean air and ‘eats’ clean food. An engine’s oil, air and fuel filters must be clean to keep the engine clean and in good working order, but their job is to get dirty so your engine doesn’t. When they get too dirty they stop working correctly. Our professional auto mechanics can help you stay on top of timely filter replacement to help prevent excess engine wear.

Fuel Injector Cleaning

Your fuel injection system shoots an exact amount of fuel inside the engine’s combustion chambers at just the right time to be ignited by the spark plugs. When injectors get clogged with debris, your car may jump, lag and/or stall. Our technicians can perform a thorough fuel injector cleaning to get your system running to its full potential.

Belt Replacement

Expert engine repair and service in Henderson, Las Vegas & Green ValleySeveral components of your vehicle rely on drive belts to function, and the alternator, air conditioning compressor and power steering pump are three important examples. As you drive, these belts become stretched, worn, damaged, or can even break. We check all your car or truck’s engine belts and perform necessary maintenance (tightening) or replacement.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Activation of your vehicle’s check engine light isn’t something to take lightly. This warning light can indicate a number of potential issues from a loose gas cap to something much more serious. Our expert auto mechanics can run a diagnostics test to determine exactly what the problem is and get it taken care of so you can get back on the road.

Other Services a Woman Can Trust

While the expert technicians at Sansone’s Automotive provide exceptional engine repair and maintenance, we also offer A/C service, wheel alignment, brake repair, fluid changes, transmission repair and tire service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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