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Top-Notch Tire Service in Henderson, Las Vegas & Green Valley | Sansone’s AutomotiveLocally owned and operated since 1993, the tire pros at Sansone’s Automotive put the safety of our customers before everything else. Your tires take a beating on a daily basis, and it’s important to maintain them properly so they remain in good working condition. Our highly trained and experienced ASE-certified technicians are dedicated to helping you choose the best and most affordable tires for your vehicle, and our tire service will keep them rolling for a long time!

Importance of Regular Tire Service

Good tires keep your vehicle moving and you in control. Worn, misaligned, improperly inflated or out-of-balance tires can put you and your passengers at greater risk for an accident, and cause your tires to wear out prematurely. Let the trained professionals at Sansone’s Automotive make sure your tires are in optimal working order so you and your treads stay safe on the road.

Do Your Tires Need Air?

Good tire service can be the difference between being involved in an accident or not. If a tire appears wider than normal where it touches the ground, it likely needs to have air pressure added. Underinflation isn’t just dangerous – it causes tires to wear faster and unevenly and your vehicle to work harder, burning more fuel in the process. Driving on overinflated tires is also unsafe, as it reduces tire surface area the road, gives the tire less grip, and makes it more difficult to control the vehicle. If you’re unsure what the ideal pressure for your tires is, check your driver’s door jam for the manufacturer’s recommendation or stop by our auto repair and service shop for free assistance.

Tire Treads

Expert Tire Service | Henderson, Las Vegas & Green Valley | Sansone’s AutomotiveTire tread is what give your tires a grip on the road surface, which is particularly important when driving in rainy, muddy or icy conditions. A lack of tread results in less control of your car or truck, making it far more likely to hydroplane and much harder to stop. Periodic tread wear checks are part of good tire service, and our skilled mechanics can test your tread to let you know whether it’s time for replacement. Stop by our shop for a complimentary tire tread check today.

Damaged Tires

If the handling of your vehicle suddenly changes or your car begins to make a strange noise, you may have a damaged tire. A good look may reveal a bulge or a nail causing air pressure loss. Small punctures can be can usually be plugged or patched unless the puncture is on the side wall above the tread, but serious issues such as gashes, bulges or hissing sounds should always be addressed immediately. If you have any questions about your tires, would like to have them inspected, or need tire replacement, come see us. We’ll have you safely back on the road in no time! Our highly-trained technicians can also assist with A/C service, wheel alignment, engine repair, fluid changes, transmission repair, brake repair and any other automotive service or repair need you may have. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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