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Sansone’s Automotive is a well-known, AAA-approved auto service and repair shop offering top-notch transmission repair and service in Henderson. Locally owned and operated since 1993, we’ve provided expert advice, quality workmanship, great pricing and warranties, and unbeatable customer care for over 25 years. Our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians go above and beyond to deliver superior results on your domestic or Asian car or truck.

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Affordable Transmission Repair and Service in Henderson, Las Vegas & Henderson | Sansone’s AutomotiveThe term ‘transmission repair’ often strikes fear in the hearts of vehicle owners. Whether a manual or automatic transmission, this component transmits power from the engine to the drive wheels. So when it develops problems, your vehicle can be crippled. If you’re experiencing slipping, over-revving, rough shifting or other symptoms of transmission problems, the professional automotive mechanics at Sansone’s Automotive have the knowledge, skill and equipment to get you safely back on the road again without breaking the bank.

Prevention is Key

Avoid costly transmission repair with regularly-scheduled transmission service. Make sure to flush and replace old transmission fluid when recommended by the manufacturer. If you don’t already know it, our technicians will be happy to inform you of your vehicle’s manufacturer-recommended change frequency. We can also take a sample of your fluid to determine how long until it’s time for service.

Common Transmission Repairs

Clutch Replacement
Expert Transmission Repair and Service | Henderson, Las Vegas & Green ValleyBoth automatic and manual vehicles have a clutch, which ensures gear-shifting occurs smoothly and at the right time. Wear and tear over time can cause replacement to become necessary, and our expert techs can check your clutch to determine if replacement is necessary on your vehicle.

Transmission Replacement
On most vehicles, the gearbox is the transmission’s main component. This integral piece varies the speed and torque delivered to your vehicle’s drive wheels, and our technicians can determine whether it needs to be rebuilt, remanufactured, repaired or replaced. We offer used transmissions for sale to help save you money on replacement.

Transmission Repair and Service Diagnostics

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine exactly what’s causing transmission problems, but our mechanics’ years of experience help them identify issues quickly. Whether your transmission is slipping, leaking fluid or having trouble shifting, we can get it sorted quickly! Our highly-qualified team of mechanics also has the knowledge, skill and equipment to assist with A/C service, wheel alignment, engine repair, fluid changes, brake repair and tire service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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