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Locally owned and operated Sansone’s Automotive has offered professional wheel alignment in Henderson since 1993. One of the top auto repair and service shops in the greater Las Vegas area, our highly trained and experienced technicians are all ASE-certified and led by an ASE Master Tech. We go above and beyond to deliver superior results every time.

Expert Wheel Alignment

Periodic wheel alignment is considered routine maintenance. Restoring the angles of your wheels to manufacturer specs allows the suspension and steering systems to operate as they were designed to, resulting in long and even tire wear and better and safer control of your vehicle. But alignment is a complicated process, and few automotive repair shops have an alignment rack and mechanics who can perform this service. It takes skill and knowledge to do it correctly, especially with every vehicle make and model built so differently. Fortunately, the pros at Sansone’s Automotive have all the systems and tools to do the job right, and can quickly and confidently adjust your vehicle’s alignment to factory specs.

Helping Preserve Your Vehicle

Affordable Wheel Alignment in Henderson, Las Vegas & Green Valley

A properly aligned vehicle is a much safer vehicle. If the wheels on your car or truck are not correctly aligned, you’ll experience premature tire wear and a potentially dangerous lack of control. Worn tires are expensive to replace and prone to blowouts, and badly misaligned wheels can cause your steering to pull to the left or right and even dive left or right when braking. Driving straight at speed can become a challenge, with your vehicle wandering or drifting left or right. If you  notice excessive wear on one or more tires, or your vehicle’s steering is out of whack, contact us to schedule a wheel alignment so you can drive in confidence.

Other Automotive Services

In addition to wheel alignment, our highly-trained technicians provide a wide array of superior services including A/C repair, brake repair, engine repair, fluid changes, transmission repair, tire service and more. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your vehicle!

Expert & Affordable Wheel Alignment a Woman Can Trust

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