Preventing Catalytic Converter Theft: Your Options in Henderson, Las Vegas & Green Valley

Because of the precious metals they’re made with, catalytic converters are popular targets for thieves. We offer several services for preventing catalytic converter theft, including etch and spray with and without CatEtch labels, and cages.  

Etch & Spray

Etch and Spray is a service we provide at no cost if you are already a customer of ours and your vehicle is here for any vehicle service or repair, such as tire replacement, check engine light diagnostics or wheel alignment. This offer applies to qualifying cars. Non-qualifying cars are those that have the catalytic converter located in a difficult area, making it too time-consuming for thieves to steal.

Etching and spraying are more of a deterrent to thieves as there is no registration with any database. However, if a stolen converter is found, now there is a visible VIN that can be tracked to the vehicle it came from. This provides law enforcement with the ability to prosecute for theft.

CatEtch Labels

Upgrade your etching and spraying service by adding a CatEtch label for $29.99. We can do it for you with any service or repair work that your vehicle is already here for, including AC service, belt replacement or transmission work. We will also register the label for you.Sansone's Automotive Henderson oil change

As a special offer, we also sell the CatEtch kit if you prefer to do it yourself. Proper labeling requires that your catalytic converter be cool to the touch, so the car must sit unused all day. You will need to scan the QR code to complete the registration process. In many cases, it is more convenient for drivers to have us apply the CatEtch label as part of the etching and spraying process when your vehicle is in our shop for services like engine repair or brake work. There may be an additional cost for these services if we need to remove the heat shield. 


CatEtch is a label that identifies a catalytic converter with a permanent mark. A label and an ID number are burned into the metal surface of the converter. Once your label and ID number are registered, the information is accessible through a public portal and the NLET (National Law Enforcement Telecom) law enforcement-exclusive data hub. Law enforcement can use this data to connect a detached part, such as a stolen catalytic converter, to a car’s VIN and the crime scene; a big help in preventing catalytic converter theft.

Preventing Catalytic Converter Theft | Henderson, Las Vegas, Green Valley

Why CatEtch?

This method of preventing the theft of your catalytic converter offers several advantages:

  • Easy application
  • Database records are accessible to law enforcement
  • Information is etched onto the converter directly
  • Supported by multiple manufacturers


Applying a cage to your catalytic converter is the most effective way to reduce the chances of thieves making off with this car part; however, it’s also a more expensive option. The price and availability of this service vary per car. 

Preventing Catalytic Converter Theft in Henderson, Las Vegas & Green Valley

At Sansone’s Automotive, our ASE-certified technicians are qualified to handle all of your maintenance and repair needs, from oil changes and new tires to complex transmission services for your Asian or domestic car. We offer trusted car care you can count on, with prompt and friendly service that’s committed to your satisfaction. If you are concerned about catalytic converter theft, contact us today.


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